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I have spent considerable time these last few days thinking about different ways that I could incorporate technology into my Kindergarten classroom.  I find that I am relieved after reading this article to find that I do actually incorporate more technology than I realized into my classroom.

In my mind, when I think of technology in a classroom I think of anything that involves computers. After looking at the list of things in this article that are considered technology I noticed that I have a lot of them in my classroom.  Computers and printers are used often to send home resources and information to parents, pictures are taken of the children, older resources are scanned to be saved for future use, projectors help the students to see information all at once, etc. I had always assumed that since many children don’t read in Kindergarten, and especially in French Immersion, that it is difficult to allow the children to explore different websites. I am still hesitant to put the children on the computers without paying very close attention but I can see how there are very valuable resources on the computer.

I am excited to see what other ways that I utilize technology in the classroom without even knowing it.


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  1. I saw a great example of how technology could work in a kindergarten classroom with my daughter’s experience a few years ago.

    Our school is lucky enough to have an interactive whiteboard in the classroom and her teacher used to have a designated whiteboard helper each day. First thing in the morning they would bring up the Environment Canada website and talk about what the weather was going to be like that day. The symbols would help tell the story and the kids began to understand the terms used on the site (names of the days of the week, etc).

    She would also bring up YouTube videos on the whiteboard and play them for the kids.

    And she also had photos of the kids with their names underneath them which she could drag and drop on the screen when she wanted to create little groups of students for stations. Useful early on for helping the kids get to know who each other were.

    She had a ton of other little things that she would do on the whiteboard, and her use of it really convinced me that there is utility in the interactive whiteboard technology, which I wasn’t sure of before. But she was able to do some really interesting things with it.

  2. Here is serendipity. Just this afternoon, after I left my first comment about my daughter’s kindergarten French Immersion experience I came across this article.

    How a kindergarten class uses Twitter to learn about the world–how-a-kindergarten-class-uses-twitter-to-learn-about-the-world

    • Thanks for that link. I can’t quite wrap my head around how she could possibly have done this but that is probably because I am so new to the Twitter scene. I can’t wait to try something like this in my own classroom. Unfortunately it will have to wait until next year due to the maternity leave that I will be going on soon.

  3. Just read this whole thread. Honni, your students could definitely use the school digital cameras to take pictures of classmates and the “goings- on” in maternelle. Maybe these pictures could be one of your centres and even used in your end of the year scrapbook. Or, at the end of the week set up the data projector and show a slide show of all the pictures they took themselves.

    Also, there is a great website from Regina Public Libraries that has books on computers that the students can listen to and watch on computer. It might be something worth looking into as well. It is called Tumble books.

    Clint, thanks so much for that article. I love where she says “French is a living breathing organic language that people use daily to live their lives.” The fact that she has taken penpals to the twitter level has really inspired me. If she can do it in kindergarten, I am sure it can be managed in eigth grade! Now to wrap my mind around it…

  4. I used to be the Technology teacher in a rural K-12 school. Our Kindergarten teacher was intimated by taking her class to the computer lab. I volunteered that her class could come into my Tech 10 class once a week for computer time. Each grade 10 student was in charge of 1 or 2 Kindergarteners and were told ahead of time the task for the day. This worked out so brilliantly that we soon started a computer buddy system for the grade 1, 2 and 3 classes (paired with students from Grades 6-12). It benefited the older students because explaining computer skills to another person takes a higher level of understanding.
    Elementary schools have reading buddies, why not technology buddies too?

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