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Facebook in the Classroom

Here is an interesting blog post that I came across by following #kinderchat on Twitter.

The End of Facebook in my Class

I find it very interesting that a school district would tell a teacher that they would need to shut down a Facebook account because they didn’t want to hear the parents comments. It must be extremely hard to work for a school district that doesn’t want to hear what the parents are saying about them. I personally love parent feedback, whether it is in person, via email or on the classroom blog that I have set up for my students and their parents. I find that it is the parent’s feedback that makes me question what I am doing (if it is negative) or that reaffirms my choices (if it is positive feedback). I find myself checking my school email account on weekends just to see if a parent has emailed me a question or if they have anything else to say. It is thanks to parent comments that I continue to do certain things in my classroom and changed other activities.

I find it odd that the creator of the Facebook page was instructed to shut it down because clearly it was working in his classroom. Many parents have Facebook accounts and this would have been a simple way to stay in contact with the teacher.  Also, Facebook does have privacy settings, so I am assuming only parents of the students would have been “Friends” with the classroom page.

I have never thought of using a Facebook page for my students but that is mainly because I don’t use it a whole bunch myself. I have an account and check it every so often but I do not update my status or post many items on it. Is there anyone else out there that uses Facebook in the classroom? I have heard of some teachers using it for creative writing projects, but the idea of using to to keep parents informed seems ingenious to me.


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  1. I haven’t done it yet, but it is on my list of things to do this year. We will see! I think it is a great tool. As a parent, I would love it since I am on the site a lot. Any way that teacher can keep parents involved is extremely important and at my grade level, the students would be active participants as well. What better way to form a classroom community and really teach what being a digital citizen is all about!

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