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More Twitter in the Classroom

Earlier this week I blogged on the topic of Twitter in the classroom (click here to read this post). This continues to be of interest to me however I am still so new at Twitter that I don’t completely understand how that is possible. I was hoping to participate in #kinderchat last night, however life caught up with me and I wasn’t able to do that. None the less, since I have started paying attention to a number of different social media sources, I have realized that there are many different ways to incorporate social media into a Kindergarten classroom. While looking at the different links that often pop up in the tweats that I follow I have come across another blog posting about Twitter in the classroom.

This Kindergarten teacher blogs about how he uses Twitter in the classroom. Exploring the world in Kindergarten He describes the different projects that he hopes to accomplish via Twitter. I do wonder often when I am reading these blog postings how people end up finding the time to do all of this in their classroom. Is it just a once a week thing or is it done daily for a couple of weeks? When I look at my day, I can’t imagine finding anymore time to add something else into my lessons.  I don’t know if this is maybe because I am a French Immersion Kindergarten Teacher for a Catholic School system and I already am making sure that I fit in my Religion lessons and at the same time teach the kids to function in a French community.

Nonetheless, if anyone has any suggestions for me as to how to help fit in a wonderful tool like Twitter, I am all ears. Thanks in advance for your help.


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  1. With the luxury of being an administrator who can and must carry a smartphone around all day, I can tell you that once I put the Twitter App on my phone life became infinitely more manageable! That, however, will not help you in your kindergarten classroom, likely! However, if you check your phone multiple times throughout the day for a text it is that simple to check to your Twitter messages!

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