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So it has been almost two weeks since I started my classroom blog (Mme Lizee’s Classroom Blog) and I am finding the whole experience quite interesting. For one, WordPress doesn’t seem to work so well on my classroom computer. It will often load, but not load properly. Therefore, it can take twice as long to post something then I had expected. The pictures don’t always appear properly and then I have to go back and fix them up. However, aside from those few issues, I am finding the whole process rather interesting.

I have had only a couple of parents subscribe to my blog and I was beginning to think that not many of them were checking it either. However, thanks to my wonderful husband, it was pointed out to me that I could see how many people were checking my blog on my dashboard if I simply scrolled down a bit and checked out my stats. Yes, I am still quite the novice at this but I am enjoying the whole experience. When I checked out my stats, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I averaged about 40 hits a day.  Now I don’t know if this is from the parents in my class or random strangers but at least now I feel better about taking the time to do this daily.

I have also evolved my blog from what I had originally thought that I would do. My original intention was to keep the parents updated on different activities that we have been working on and give them visuals to use at home but I am finding that it is also a good way to direct them towards websites and Youtube videos that are/could be useful for their children. Overall, I am very happy with my blog to date. I must admit that I am a little sad that I won’t be continuing it for the entire school year due to my upcoming maternity leave.


Comments on: "Update on My Classroom Blog" (3)

  1. How did you get your blog out to your students parents? I am curious if you had their e-mails or if you sent in out in a traditional newsletter?

    • I emailed my blog address out to my parents and then I have also attached it to my “signature” on all the emails that I send from my school email account.

  2. If you are having problems with WordPress on your computer, try installing Firefox or Google Chrome (if you are able). The problem is more likely Internet Explorer vs. your computer.

    Great start on this project! I look forward to watching this grow!

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