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Today while I was playing around on Twitter, I came across a link to a description of “Kindergarten Around the World 2011-12!” The organizer of this amazing project, Amy Murray, does a fantastic job describing what all a teacher would have to do in order to make an undertaking like this a success.  After reading her description, I wish that I would be able to commit to a project like this but it is just not in the cards for this year and I don’t see how I can swing it next year either because I will be returning from my Maternity leave after the project kicks off. I am just hoping that I can remember this project in two years time so that I can finally try it out in a classroom.

Check out the above link if you have time. How many of you would let your son or daughter participate in a project like this? I think that this is a great way to help our young children understand that the world is a huge place and that we are similar in many ways but so different in other ways.


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  1. Hey Honni,

    I read the project and really it seems like the class creates a child and works on this project as a class. It reminds me of when the students cut out a version of themselves and send it to family members around the globe as this “child” goes on vacation and has people journaling their trip together. I would love for my child to participate in the twitter project and this could be done across elementary levels. You could totally do it when you get back from Maternity leave.

  2. Cathy Germano said:

    First I wanted to comment on the appearance of your blog. It is clean,inviting, and I love the wrap around titles. I have a suggestion for how you can remember this project- I have a google account and use google calendars all the time. It is a life saver when it comes to organizing my time and remembering events. I think you can do a year in advance. So maybe you can put it in for a date in the distant future then when it comes up again add it to a more recent calendar. The best thing about google calendars is that they appear on the side of my email page. I can also set up an email notification for an event on my calendar. Being a mother, I know what it is like keeping track of three children of my own. Once they get into sports and music my google calendar was my daily scheduler! Good luck and I hope this helps.

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