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Parents in the Classroom

While I was playing around on Twitter tonight, checking on one of the chats that I follow, I came across this interesting blog post. I am not sure who the author is (I tried looking in a number of different places on the blog but couldn’t come up with anything). It is entitled Sharing with Parents. The author describes how they invited the parents in to partake in a sharing session one Friday afternoon. The students had completed six weeks of classes and they seemed very excited to share with their parents what they had learned while in school. I wish that I had the time to do something like this with my parents this year. I have extended the invitation numerous times to have parents come in and volunteer in my classroom and I have had a few takers on it. The number of parent volunteers is lower this year than last year however and I am not sure why. I guess there could be a few reasons, one is that it is a different group of students whose parents may have different commitments that last year’s group and also my school division has implemented a new policy where the parents have to have a Criminal Record Check in order to be in the classroom. To date, I only have six or seven out of forty-two parents who have given me a copy of their Criminal Record Check so this limits the number of parents who are able to volunteer to help me. As for parents in the classroom for special events, I did have a Kindergarten Liturgy for my new students and the parents were able to see a few things that their child has been learning, so I guess I have done some parent involvement activities.

On another note, while I was exploring the website I came across some other interesting post. One in particular was about how this classroom used technology in the classroom.  This post describes the many different ways that they students use technology in the classroom. I am a little jealous reading the different things that they do because it appears as if the iPad is used often in the classroom. I would love to be able to provide my students with an opportunity like that (especially because I am sure that many of them already have background knowledge as to how to use it) in my classroom. There is a short video on the site and it shows the students interacting with their parents and if you pay close attention you will notice a number of different pieces of technology used in the classroom. There are children on laptops, using iPads, adults taking pictures, etc.


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  1. Honni, I was reading this article showing how a school division in Maine purchased Ipads for all of their kindergarten students and thought you might be interested. But it might make you feel worse about not being able to give your students every opportunity that money can buy. It is too bad that everything comes down to a price tag. Just think what we could do if we had more time and money. Anyway, after reading your post I thought you might be interested in this article/video.

  2. Hi Honni, I found this post interesting as I have pondered and often struggled with increasing parental involvement in my classroom. The criminal record check is a necessary step in today’s world and unfortunately for many parents the perception is that it is a time consuming and depending on location, costly process. I have sent parents surveys about their interests and availability. Depending on the surveys returned, I have sent further communication to parents that link their interests and expertise to what we are doing in class. A simple and effective methiod that one of my former colleagues used was to hold a quarterly, “parent math meeting” that included pizza for lunch. He always had a great turn-out and the parents he served got a chance to see the joys of calculus!! Anyhow, best of luck in this area. Dean

  3. Hey! Your comment showed up on our blog. I wonder if it was this post you were thinking of?
    (sorry, not sure how to make the link live)
    We are a Kindergarten class at Yokohama International School in Japan. One of my goals this year is to explore ways of involving parents more in their children’s learning.

    Are you on Twitter? I am TashaCowdy

    • Those are indeed the posts I was talking about. I am impressed with the level of parent involvement that you have in your classroom. It is always one of my goals yet it seems to be the first to slip to the background when something comes up. Have you tried any other ways of involving the parents. To date I have been able to get a couple of parents involved but it seems like such a small number to me. I would really like to see more parents involved in my classroom so that they know and understand what we do during the day.

      I am on Twitter. I am HLizee.

      Thanks again for all the great inspiration you have provided me with.

  4. One of the things that I have seen recently is the idea of an exhibition of learning, in the evening, where students demonstrated things they were doing and learning in class to their parents. The turnout was great but involved home contacts via email and phone – inviting people in. It also allowed students the chance to own learning as they chose what it was they would share and how they would share it (medium). This was done with middle years students but could likely be adapted for early learners as well.

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