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The farther and farther we get into our class load in EC&I 831, the more and more time I spend thinking about PLN‘s and my personal PLN that I am in the process of creating right now.  I have always worked well with my co-workers (or at least I think that I have) that are in the same building as me, as well as the other teachers that are working at the same grade level as me in the same school division.  Until I started this class, that is was as far as I believed my reach stretched.  Sure I know other teachers in other schools, in other school divisions and even in other areas of the province and on many occasions I have spoken to them about numerous different school-related topics, but I never really considered them part of my learning network.

After being encouraged to start a blog and create a Twitter account for this class, I can see how valuable a PLN really is.  With the limited experience that I have cultivated to date (thanks again in large to this class), I am beginning to see how valuable it is to put yourself out there and to simply ask the questions that I need help with.  Like I have mentioned in the past, I had always thought that Twitter was more of a waste of time than anything. Man, was I wrong.  Over the last few weeks, I have gotten many good suggestions, great ideas and incredible website links that I would never have found on my own. I have connected with people who I have never met and probably never will, but that doesn’t stop them from helping me out.  I find it amazing that in 140 characters or less that so much professional growth can happen. I can’t wait to try Twitter out in my classroom in the future for Educational purposes with my students.

Creating a blog has also been a great way for me to develop my PLN. I have always loved writing things down and discussing things with others. I find that writing the odd blog entry about something that I have been working on at school or an idea that I am tossing around in my head helps in so many ways. One, if I write it down I find that I can work through some of the kinks myself. Two, when I post the blog I am always amazed by how many people are willing to help me out and respond to different questions that I have included in a specific post.  The suggestions that I have received to date have all been useful and many have led to more thought provoking moments for me.

I know that these are just two ways that I have developed my PLN during this class but I have to admit that they are two of the most powerful ways for me. So in parting, thank you to everyone who has contributed to my PLN and I look forward to continued encouragement and support from you fine folk in the future.

Networked Teacher Diagram - Update by courosa, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License  by  courosa 

P.S. Thanks Alec for the great image.


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  1. I could not agree with you more! At the beginning of this class I thought there was no way I would use twitter that often…boy was I wrong! I still don’t think of it as the first way to get information but I am gradually getting there.

    I had made a post about buying a new camera and thought people would comment on it. I woke up the next morning to 20 tweets! Alec had tweeted my link and his HUGE circle had responded! It was awesome…and I thought, “Why didn’t I think of that?” ALec has a FAR bigger following than I so it worked out great!

    I have enjoyed reading what other people are doing and writing on my blog. This class has also finally pushed me to start my class blog ( I have been meaning to do this for a long time)!

  2. I also echo your sentiments! Before this class I didn’t blog about my area of studies and I primarily used Twitter for personal and current events purposes. Twitter was what really blew my mind: Who knew that there were whole groups of knowledge sharers like me interested in similar topics… using hashtags?! I have been able to learn more about what I want to learn from these groups than I ever realised was possible. Pretty amazing, non? 🙂

  3. It’s great to see your thoughts transforming around this area along with the thoughts of your two colleagues here – keep it up, it only gets better!

  4. I agree with everything you have said- I too have been pushed to use Twitter and sad to say that I do not use it as much as I should. With twitter, I enjoy reading posts and checking out websites that I was not aware of and passing these on to others, I just need to find the time to incorporate this more.

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