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Encouraging Parent Involvement

I have spent quite a bit of time lately thinking about how I can encourage parents to be more involved in their child’s education. Now before I start I realize that there are many ways to be involved, including being active in your child’s education in the evening by taking an interest in what they are learning. Having said that, I would like to get the parents involved in what happens during the day at school. I do realize that many parent work during the day and that this is not always possible for all parents, but I would love to see more parents in my classroom. The children love being able to show off their parents.


In the past I have used parent volunteers to help mainly with different projects that we have been working on. Most of them are art related but a few have been writing projects also. The newest idea that I have been thinking about would be to invite the parents in for Story time a few (or more) times during the year. The parents would bring in a book that they enjoy reading to their child at home and share it with the class. If I had more than one parent interested in coming in I would either split the group up or have them come in on different days. My main goal would be of course to allow the parents to see a small portion of our day, but also to show that kids that literacy is important and that reading can be fun.

Typically in my classrooms, story time is folowed by play time, so I would invite the parents to stay if they are interested and they can watch how their child interacts with the other children as this is often a concern for kindergarten parents.

Do you have any more ideas about how I can encourage more parent involvement in the classroom? I am open to anything and willing to give it a try.


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  1. Increasing parent involvement is a great (and challenging!) goal! Are you looking specifically for in-class participation? Have you thought about using technology to connect parents to their children’s day-to-day activities (e.g., having a class Twitter feed parents can follow and respond to, having parents Skype in to read a story or share something about their jobs)? I know it’s not the same as having parents in the classroom but it could increase participation.

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