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This is a tool that I was asked to use in my EC&I 834 class. I found this tool to be fun and easy to use, but at times a little frustrating.  It was easy to add items, graphics, sound and images to the interactive poster that I created but I got frustrated when trying to add a video directly into my poster. I eventually gave up and decided to simply link it to my page. I tried a number of time to add a video but each time it would simply tell me that it was loading but it never did.

This tool can serve so many functions in a classroom. The first and most obvious would be for students to create their own project. Another function would be to use it as a homepage for a unit that you could be working on in the classroom or to set it up as a PD opportunity for yourself. I chose to take my Glogster in a different direction. I set up mine with parents of French Immersion students in mind.  I added links to videos (in English), books that can be read at home that follow the theme, audio soundtracks of vocabulary that we will be learning, and so much more.  I found this tool to be a great way to improve parent communication and parent involvement.

Please click on the following link to view the Glogster that I created – Nos 5 sens


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