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I have found another new online resource that I am extremely excited about.  In my online class, we were asked this week to look at Jing and to create one for the class. I had heard about these in the past but I had not taken the time to learn how to create them. Looking back, that was a big mistake. They are super easy to create and so very, very useful.  For this class, I created a Jing that will help parents to be able to better navigate a blog that I created for them. In the classroom, I can already envision a number of different ways that I will be able to use this resource.

Jing is incredibly easy to use. It does require you to download a program to your computer, but in my humble opinion it is definitely worth it.  The only problem that I had using the program is that I am extremely picky about the work that I do and I re-created my Jing about ten to fifteen different times because something always happened that made me not like the work that I had done.  Eventually I simply said, enough is enough and went with what I had.

Here is a link to the Jing that I created if you are interested in seeing how they can be used. French Immersion Resources for Parents Blogs Walk Through.


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