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French Immersion Resources for Parents

For the sake of my class, EC&I 831, I need to stop working on my Final Project. This does not mean however that I will be done with my project, French Immersion Resources for Parents. I have decided that I will continue to add websites when I find them and I will try to keep the blog up to date. I have found this resource to be valuable for myself, as well as for parents and other teachers.

I have blogged about my experiences in the past few months a few times, and if you would like to read up on those posts please feel free. The first time I mentioned the project I was just starting out and I talked about what I thought the project would look like as well as how I would go about reflecting on my learning while working on the project. The second time this project was mentioned was a quick update in regards to what I had done to date and how I felt I was progressing. The final time this project was mentioned in my blog was when I mentioned that I would finally be Tweeting the project and sharing it with anyone who cared to look.

I am also including the Google Docs that I created as a reflection of the process that I went through while working on my Final Project. It is composed of dated entries explaining how I felt about different portions of the assignment and how I felt I had been doing. I hope you enjoy my Final Project and please feel free to pass it along to anyone who you might think can benefit from it.


Sharing versus Taking

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Last weeks EC&I 831 class with Dean Shareski has had me thinking lots recently about the need for sharing in Education. I find that I am a huge supporter of sharing and I truly appreciate it when people share with me. In my reading of everyone’s blogs this week I came upon Sarah’s blog posting, Who’s YOUR Teacher. In this post, she talks about a conversation that she had with a friend of hers that is currently on maternity leave. I am one of those people who has used (and will continue to use) some of this wonderful teachers ideas and resources. When I was first starting off in a Kindergarten position, this specific teacher was very helpful in steering me in the right direction and providing me with different on-line resources, as well as tradition paper resources that could be used in the classroom. I am so very grateful that she shared with me and I know that others are also. I hope that she truly understands that her past experiences have not only evolved her teaching style, but by sharing her knowledge with so many others that she has in turn also helped us by sharing her vast knowledge.

After listening to Dean talk during class, I found myself continually thinking about sharing and how I view my role in sharing.  When it comes to sharing in different on-line forms, I feel as if I am quite comfortable with that. The main reason why I have no problem sharing different ideas, thoughts, resources, etc on-line is because if I don’t put it out there for people to see then they won’t see it at all. So in a way, I am limiting what I share to what I feel comfortable sharing.  You see, I am constantly second guessing different things that I do, but I find that when I put something on-line, it is only the things that I feel very comfortable with.

My final project has required me to take a bit of a leap of faith. I am sharing my thoughts and interpretations with people that I have never met and will probably never meet. However, I know that by sharing these things I might be making someone’s life just a little bit easier. I still find it difficult to put myself out there like that but I am getting more and more used to it. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and resources with others because without others I wouldn’t be in the position that I am in now and be able to share also.

However, back to my title for this post, I find it difficult to swallow when people “take” things. A number of times I have walked into my classroom to find another teacher going through my resources.  I am more than willing to share what I have with her but for some reason it rubs me the wrong way to find her going through my stuff. When she notices me in the room, she will always say something like “I hope you don’t mind me doing this. I noticed that you were working on . . . earlier this week and it looked like something that I want to try.” Of course, I usually simply tell her that it is not a problem. Although it bothers me that she thinks it is completely acceptable to go through someone’s stuff, I don’t want to tell her that she is not welcome to it, especially if it means that she won’t have to “re-invent the wheel” so to speak because we are both teaching the same grade level. I simply wish that she would ask before she does something like that.

Summary of Learning

So after EC&I 831 last night I thought that I would take a look at the assignments that we had to do for the class. My personal blog seems to be moving along nicely as I am finding many different things that I want to reflect on and get different opinions on. On that note, that you to everyone who has taken the time to respond to my blog postings.

After some helpful comments in regards to Google Docs last week, my final project also seems to be moving along. I have started the blog and the reflection portion of the assignment. The title of my blog is French Immersion Resources for Parents. I haven’t let any of the other teachers in my school know about it yet so there are no parent comments but it is my goal to get a few more websites up on the blog before I send it out to parents. I don’t want to send it out with only a few websites because I don’t want the parents to feel as it isn’t useful. As for the Google Doc portion of the assignment, I have started it but that is all. There are a couple of reflections and I am hoping to analyze the work I have done in the next couple of weeks.

Now on to the third assignment that we have to do for EC&I 831, the Summary of Learning. I have been tossing ideas around in my head for a few weeks now but I thought that I should actually get started on it while the ideas are fresh. So last night I created a Prezi account and started playing around. I have started my own Prezi for my summary of learning. I feel that I have a lot to learn and I was getting quite frustrated last night while trying to get it to do exactly what I wanted but I figure that I have a bit of time left to figure it out. However, on that note if anyone has any hints as to how to make it easier to navigate Prezi or tricks that they have learned and would love to pass along, please share. I am very new to Prezi as that is not a site that I use lots with five year olds. Also, if anyone knows how to share what I have done in Prezi so far on my blog so that I can get feed back on it, that would be great also.

Final Project for EC&I 831

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Okay, so it is about time that I get started on my final project for EC&I 831. I have had the idea since it was first mentioned in class and I have emailed Alec and he says that it will work. So all I really have to do is get started. For some reason, I find myself stalling.

My idea for the project is to create a blog about all the different websites that are available to help parents of children in French Immersion. I am thinking that I will aim my blog for parents of Kindergarten and Grade 1 students. I know that there are lots of other websites that help children who are older than this however I don’t have much experience with older children so I decided to concentrate on the younger years. A blog like this would also assist parents of children who were a little older (say Grade 2 or 3) who were struggling with some of the base concepts. My intention is to locate a number of websites, critique them and give a little information about how the site works. The reason why I chose a blog is so that if any parents were to have questions about how a site works they could leave a comment and I would be able to get back to them.  Also, if a site changed, I would be able to update the information in a comment as well. This blog would also serve to help teachers also (I hope) so that they could easily locate a website that would be helpful for different outcomes they might be working on in class.

So now on to the stalling part, after emailing Alec and getting the go ahead I have done nothing. Alec mentioned having a page on the blog or a Google Doc where I talk about how the project is going, different feedback I have had from parents, any snags or accomplishments that I have run into, etc so that I am able to reflect and analyze the project as I am going. I think this is a great idea but I have decided that I don’t want to have this on the blog itself because the parents don’t really care about my personal reflections of the project (or at least I don’t think they would care about it) so that means that I will use Google Doc. Now, maybe this is why I am stalling. I have no idea how to use Google Doc (so if anyone out there has any hints, please feel free to pass them along). My goal for this weekend is to get the blog started and to attempt to figure out Google Docs. Please wish me luck.