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Pregnancy and Help

This blog posting is quite a bit different than my regular posting but I can’t help but write about it. As a Kindergarten teacher, the week before Halloween is a very big week for the kids because there is so many fun activities that the kids can participate in. This year, one of the big activities that I had planned for my students was to cut up pumpkins and to talk about what the inside of the pumpkin feels like. We also used the pumpkins for some math based activities. Anyways, in order to have enough pumpkins for 42 students I had to buy 7 pumpkins. As I was at the store buying the pumpkins the first person who offered to help me wanted to help me put the pumpkins in the cart. I suppose that I should mention that the day that I bought the pumpkins I was about 38 and 1/2 weeks pregnant. I politely declined because I didn’t feel as if I needed the help. I was also offered help when I got to the till and again after I payed. I once again politely declined the help because I didn’t think that it was necessary. Honestly I have to carry my youngest around at home still occasionally and he weighs a heck of a lot more the pumpkins did.


Once I got out to my car, I was loading the pumpkins into the van when another gentle came over to help me load them into the van. At this point, I simply thanked him many times and accepted his help. I felt bad that he had to get out of his car and come over and help me. He was even so helpful that he took the cart back into the store for me.

This morning when I arrived at school, I carried a couple of pumpkins in myself because there were no students in the entrance hanging out. This really wasn’t that big of a deal, it did mean that I would have to make a few trips out to the van this morning but really it was no big problem. As I was caring in some pumpkins, one of the fathers that drops off his daughters around the same time every morning saw me caring in the pumpkins and promptly asked if he could help. I told him it wasn’t necessary but he said that if he and his daughters helped that we could be done much faster. Therefore, I thanked him and accepted his help. Once we got inside, I had a bunch set on the bench in the entrance so I thanked him again for his help, went to unlock my classroom door and he went on to check his daughters in for the Before School program. When he was leaving, he noticed that I was taking the pumpkins to my classroom, so he proceeded to help me carry them to my classroom.

Alright, now the reason for my long story, I have noticed that there is nothing that encourages people to help out someone more than pregnancy. I have three young children right now and normally I just get a look of intrigue if I am out in public with them. However, if I am out in public without my other children people are more inclined to help me. I can’t begin to explain why pregnancy makes a different but for some reason it does.