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Importance of Play for the Children

Continuing along with my earlier theme of Play in the classroom, I came across two interesting videos on Youtube. The first video talks about how play is essential to a child’s development and is as natural as eating and sleeping.  This video does touch on a few of my earlier questions about how involved show I be, as the teacher, in the children’s play. It states that an adults involvement allows the children to feel like playing is important and that the adult is able to encourage the child to think of different ways to play. It does still leave me wondering though however that I could involve myself too much in their play and end up changing the direction of the play.

The second video is a keynote speech at the International Board for Educational Research and Resources – Forum 2008.  The speaker starts off making some good points but then near the end seems to head in a different direction.  One of the interesting comments that I took from this video was that he said that according to research done in the West many serial killers did not have the opportunity to play as children. He states that play is important for the soul.

After watching these videos one can understand that play is important but I am not sure that allowing the children to play means that we should not have instructional time also. I simply believe that the two should be balanced out.