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iPods in the Classroom

Today as I was traveling in the car with my husband and three young children we were listening to a book on CD in order to pass the time (and keep the kids quiet). Like usual, I was thinking about school and different ways that I could engage the children and encourage them to try new things. My husband and I were talking about iPods and it suddenly dawned on me that they would be a good way of making use of all the CD’s that I have purchased over the years to accompany different books. I have a number of books for young children that my own children love listening to but I don’t play them as often as I should or could because I don’t want to be changing the CD every two to four minutes because the book is over, nor do I want to be listening to the same book over and over again for thirty or forty minutes.

For the very minimal cost of buying an iPod (and the original cost of buying the book with CD), one could create a very interactive reading centre for the students. The students would be able to look at the book and have it read to them at the same time, yet not have the hassle of changing the CD after every book. This would encourage them to look at books more and therefore foster their interest in books.