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Margaret Atwood’s take on Twitter

Last night while I was working on the computer, I came across this wonderful article that talks about Margaret Atwood’s take on Twitter. Margaret Atwood says Twitter, internet boost literacy is well worth the read. We have all heard the critic that say Twitter is causing problems when it comes to knowing how to write in our youth today, but Margaret Atwood has a completely different take on it. In the article she says that Twitter is no different than the short forms of writing that proceeds it, such as telegrams.

She goes on to explain that Twitter and texting is encouraging our young people to write more because it is replacing other forms of communication, such as phone calls. I had never thought of it like this before. Yes, I know that Twitter can cause our youth to incorrectly spell words or substitute in numbers for different words, however it is encouraging them to think and to put their thought into words. It is refreshing to see someone like Margaret Atwood encouraging people to use Twitter.