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Final version of my Summary of Learning

I had quite a bit of fun doing my Summary of Learning. I ended up doing quite a few versions of it. I tried out a number of different tools and ended up choosing Xtranormal. I would have to agree with Lindsay in regards to the pros and cons of this tool. I do love that I didn’t have to record my own voice. I tried that a couple of times and I didn’t like how I sounded. It took me a while to get the final tweaks done on my project (and I am still not happy with some of the camera angles but I couldn’t seem to change them) but I think I can confidently say that I am happy with my final product. I hope you enjoy.

Summary of Learning
by: Honni


Summary of Learning

So after EC&I 831 last night I thought that I would take a look at the assignments that we had to do for the class. My personal blog seems to be moving along nicely as I am finding many different things that I want to reflect on and get different opinions on. On that note, that you to everyone who has taken the time to respond to my blog postings.

After some helpful comments in regards to Google Docs last week, my final project also seems to be moving along. I have started the blog and the reflection portion of the assignment. The title of my blog is French Immersion Resources for Parents. I haven’t let any of the other teachers in my school know about it yet so there are no parent comments but it is my goal to get a few more websites up on the blog before I send it out to parents. I don’t want to send it out with only a few websites because I don’t want the parents to feel as it isn’t useful. As for the Google Doc portion of the assignment, I have started it but that is all. There are a couple of reflections and I am hoping to analyze the work I have done in the next couple of weeks.

Now on to the third assignment that we have to do for EC&I 831, the Summary of Learning. I have been tossing ideas around in my head for a few weeks now but I thought that I should actually get started on it while the ideas are fresh. So last night I created a Prezi account and started playing around. I have started my own Prezi for my summary of learning. I feel that I have a lot to learn and I was getting quite frustrated last night while trying to get it to do exactly what I wanted but I figure that I have a bit of time left to figure it out. However, on that note if anyone has any hints as to how to make it easier to navigate Prezi or tricks that they have learned and would love to pass along, please share. I am very new to Prezi as that is not a site that I use lots with five year olds. Also, if anyone knows how to share what I have done in Prezi so far on my blog so that I can get feed back on it, that would be great also.